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A working dog is a happy dog.

Foster a stronger bond and a more understanding relationship that will enhance the quality of life and engagement between you and your dog.

Scent Work

Scent work is a wonderful activity designed to mimic the work of detection dogs. It requires good communication to find specific odors that are hidden, and the dog and owner work together to find them. It can be great for dogs with physical limitations or some behavioral challenges. It is very positive and engaging for the dogs building confidence and focus. This sport can include working in rooms, outside, around vehicles, on buried objects or containers. It can be done any time of year, indoors or outdoors and in limited space. This can be trained as a fun game or for competitive sport.


Tracking is the dog using its ability to find, identify and follow a specific scent. This is consistent with the work of some search and rescue dogs. An individual will walk the track and leave objects behind so that the dog finds them as they follow the scent trail left by the tracklayer. The dog and owner partner to work through a variety of large locations such as a field or park to find the source of the scent, usually an object like a glove left at the end of the track.


Treiball is a great game that was developed in Germany to mimic the work of herding dogs in the field. It is great fun for all dogs and very positive! You begin training in a small space, but the end goal is to be working your dog in a field. The dog is given directions to move large exercise balls from the center area of a field into a goal with only verbal and hand signals from the owner.

"Hallie is a well of knowledge with a very clear and goal oriented training technique... Cannot say enough about Hallie's classes; both dogs and their humans enjoy them!"

- Marsha & Sway (Doberman)

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.”

Develop skills and improve training habits and techniques in the environment that's best for you and your dog.

Group Classes

Small group classes separated by skill level. Classes are kept small to enhance participation and give everyone individualized attention. The dogs work one at at time, so they can be suitable for dogs with challenges.


Intensive training sessions are set up approximately once per month as an opportunity to dive deeper into a particular topic or skill accelerating progress and providing more practical application time than a regular class session.

Private Lessons

This one on one training opportunity is provided to help dogs and owners who are facing particular challenges that are not suitable for a regular class environment or for those who want some focused time to work on their dog’s specific skill set or refinement. They are offered at the training facility or can be provided at other locations.

Experience you can trust.

Hallie McMullen has over 25 years of experience training dogs. She trained and certified her first law enforcement for drug detection and apprehension in 1996. While continuing to train dogs for law enforcement, she has also trained and competed with her dogs in Schutzhund, herding, obedience, scent work, conformation and tracking. She is an AKC Expert Judge in Scent Work and an NACSW judge. She enjoys helping others to learn new skills and develop strong trusting relationships that enhances the lives of both dogs and owners.